Check-In / Out

  • You can check-in at any time after 4 pm (local time) and check-out within 11 am (local time). Whether you require to check-in or out a little later let us know ASAP (via email, or WhatsApp +39 389 20 41 865). We will do our best to satisfy your request and get back to you accordingly.
    Please note though that a fee (starting from 30 €) will apply to check-in requests for any arrival later than 9 pm.
  • Should you check-out more than 1 hour late, without any previous request, an additional fee of up to 150% on standard daily rate calculated on each additional day (total o partial) as well as any additional cost we might be forced to pay (ie. booking loss, cancellation fee or reimbursement request, etc.)

AT ‘900 WE DON’T LIKE (and so it’s prohibited)

  1. Smoking (of all kind of products) is prohibited in all the premises, except for the balcony of CASA LAZIO where you must use the ashtrays provided. A fine of € 250 is applicable, plus the cost of extra cleaning of the apartment;
  2. Parties or Events;
  3. A nightly occupancy higher than what indicated in the booking;
  4. High Noise;
  5. Excessive noise after 10 pm;
  6. Disturbing the neighbors;
  7. Carrying out illegal activities (ie., using drugs, illicit usage of the internet to download or upload copyrighted files);
  8. Pornography production or prostitution;
  9. Creation of unsanitary conditions (for example, generation of excessive garbage or offensive odors or attraction of parasites);
  10. Make any changes, modifications, alterations, or additions of any kind to the Apartment or its content (including moving furniture);
  11. Soliciting or loitering around the space or building;
  12. Commercial photography, film, or videography (without express written consent);
  13. Using the Apartment for any purpose other than personal accommodation.


  1. Guests.
    No additional guests are allowed to sleep overnight, other than the number agreed upon booking.
  2. Pets.
    Small size pets are allowed upon prior notice. Any damage caused will be charged along with any additional cleaning costs.
  3. Amenities.
    We provide an initial supply of household supplies and toiletries.
  4. Linen, Dishes.
    We also provide linens and dishes to use during your stay. Any such item removed from our Apartments will be charged to you in accordance with 900 Apartments’ Terms.
  5. Security and Protection.
    You are responsible for your own safety and that of your guests. Please read, listen to and comply with all fire, health, or safety rules and regulations that are provided to you, let us know of any conditions in, on, or around the Apartment that you believe may be a fire, health, or hazard to safety for you or your guests, report any inappropriate conduct or behavior that you or your guests observe in or around the Apartment (for example, potential vagrants or squatters) and lock all windows and doors before leaving the Apartment. If a medical or other emergency occurs or you believe you are a victim or witness to a crime, contact the nearest hospital and/or local police.
  6. Damages.
    You must notify us in writing of any damage to the Apartment or its contents that occur during your stay, even if you consider the damage to be minimal or normal wear, or if you do not believe the damage is your fault. If you do not notify us of such damages, you will be liable for such damages in accordance with 900’s Terms.


As a reminder, you are solely responsible for ensuring that you and your guests are aware of and comply with the 900 Apartments’ Terms and these 900 Apartments’ Rules, including keeping the Apartment clean and tidy and in the same condition that you found it. We hope you enjoy your stay!