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#900 facts | The Pincio’s abandoned lifts

The first public lift of the Eternal City Not everyone knows that once upon a time, people used to go by lift to the Pincio. In fact, the Aurelian Walls, along the northern side of [...]

And so this is Christmas….!

As usual, Rome has also kicked off the Christmas season with a series of events. In fact, since December 2, has opened, to Romans and tourists, the famous "Befana market" of Piazza Navona, which [...]

Where silence reigns – ROME’S CEMENTERIES Part II

VERANO CEMENTERY The Verano Cementery is a paradise for photographers. Decadent, as Rome is, hidden by the cypresses, the vegetation slowly took over the monumental tombs. Verano is an unusual whilst poetic dive into centuries [...]

Where silence reigns – ROME’S CEMENTERIES

TESTACCIO CEMENTERY Also known as Acatholic Cemetery, English Cemetery or Cemetery of the Artists, hidden in quartiere Testaccio is this poetic, out-of-time, treasure where writers, painters, sculptors, historians, archaeologists, diplomats, scientists, architects and poets of [...]

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