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#900 facts | The Pincio’s abandoned lifts

The first public lift of the Eternal City Not everyone knows that once upon a time, people used to go by lift to the Pincio. In fact, the Aurelian Walls, along the northern side of the Pincio gardens, overlooks Viale del Muro Torto, where a small 16th-century Tuscan style building is grafted right above the [...]

#900 facts | The Pincio’s abandoned lifts2020-09-22T10:05:38+02:00

And so this is Christmas….!

As usual, Rome has also kicked off the Christmas season with a series of events. In fact, since December 2, has opened, to Romans and tourists, the famous "Befana market" of Piazza Navona, which will last until the Epiphany (6 January 2019), the day when the "Befana", unfortunately, "All the holidays will take away". [...]

And so this is Christmas….!2018-12-10T16:25:41+01:00

Where silence reigns – ROME’S CEMENTERIES Part II

VERANO CEMENTERY The Verano Cementery is a paradise for photographers. Decadent, as Rome is, hidden by the cypresses, the vegetation slowly took over the monumental tombs. Verano is an unusual whilst poetic dive into centuries of history and art. Among the guests of this silent city within the city are the heroes that made Italy, [...]

Where silence reigns – ROME’S CEMENTERIES Part II2018-11-19T17:49:35+01:00

Where silence reigns – ROME’S CEMENTERIES

TESTACCIO CEMENTERY Also known as Acatholic Cemetery, English Cemetery or Cemetery of the Artists, hidden in quartiere Testaccio is this poetic, out-of-time, treasure where writers, painters, sculptors, historians, archaeologists, diplomats, scientists, architects and poets of international eminence found eternal rest. The religions represented include Protestantism, Orthodoxy, Islam, Zoroastrianism, Buddhism and Confucianism, while the tomb inscriptions [...]

Where silence reigns – ROME’S CEMENTERIES2018-11-19T17:49:57+01:00

Food myths: 30 rules to avoid culinary blasphemy in Italy

BRUSCHETTA, the roasted slice of country bread with chopped tomatoes is rather a homey lunch short-cut than a typical starter as one may think. GARLIC BREAD. Why would we kill our gustatory papilla in the first act? Furthermore, note this: bread is not an appetizer, if it’s on your table, as it should, then have [...]

Food myths: 30 rules to avoid culinary blasphemy in Italy2017-06-27T15:34:59+02:00
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