As usual, Rome has also kicked off the Christmas season with a series of events.

In fact, since December 2, has opened, to Romans and tourists, the famous “Befana market” of Piazza Navona, which will last until the Epiphany (6 January 2019), the day when the “Befana“, unfortunately, “All the holidays will take away”.

Also from December 8, the famous “Spelacchio” (@spelacchio on Twitter), the Christmas tree of Piazza Venezia, sponsored by Netflix, has finally been lit, just as the long lights that virtually “connect” Piazza del Popolo in Piazza Venezia, via Via del Corso.

Obviously, also Saint Peter’s square has inaugurated both the tree and the Nativity scene, this year entirely in sand, originally from Jesolo and modeled by 4 sculptors: Richard Varano (USA), Ilya Filimontsev (Russia), Susanne Ruseler (Holland), and Rodovan Ziuny (Czech Republic).

In general, however, throughout the city, especially in the center, you can breathe the air of Christmas, between alleys decorated for the Feasts and Christmas Sbs that will accompany us until the early days of the new year.